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Your Body!

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The health and wellness of everyone who comes into the office is top priority. Body Maintenance Massage is a small Owner/Operated Office in the heart of Sutton. Please note, it is often faster to book your appointments directly through the website than it is to call the office as Body Maintenance Massage operates without a secretary.

***Website Under Construction***

***All clients (and chaperones if applicable) are required to wear a KN95 mask or an N95 mask for the entire duration of the appointment. A mask will be provided for you, free of charge, when you arrive for your appointment, or you are welcome to bring your own KN95 or N95 mask to wear during your appointment.***

***Masking Policy Update March 11, 2022***

As the Province begins to lift the Masking Mandates and we move forward through the COVID-19 Pandemic the Masking Policy at Body Maintenance Massage will continue to remain in place indefinitely for both your RMT and all Clients/Chaperones. For more details please visit the COVID-19 Page of this website. 

PLEASE READ the COVID-19 Page of this website and Read All Your Confirmation/Reminder Emails to learn about the New Updates and Changes at Body Maintenance Massage, and To Avoid Your Appointments Being Cancelled. 

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