COVID-19 Plan at Body Maintenance Massage

Saturday April 4, 2020

I hope that you are all healthy and safe. These are hard, uncertain times we have found ourselves in and we have all been impacted in some way.

I would like to update you all on the ongoing COVID-19 Plan for Body Maintenance Massage. Unfortunately at this point in the COVID-19 Pandemic it is completely impossible for me to say exactly when we will be able to get back to working together, and it saddens me greatly to extend this closure.

As we all move forward together I will keep you updated on any reopening news, and I hope to see you all sooner rather than later.

I will also be updating and posting helpful self massage techniques, Body Maintenance care tips, and other helpful information on my Facebook Page “Body Maintenance Massage”, as well as my Instagram Page “”, so head over and “Like” and “Follow” the FB and Instagram pages if you’re interested in checking it out.

As always feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or are looking for some specific Body Maintenance advice.

Stay healthy, stay safe, please, if you can, stay home.

Jennifer Dawe, RMT

Body Maintenance Massage

Saturday March 14, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Hope you’re all staying healthy, and that you have everything you need.

With COVID-19 spreading quickly all around the world, including Canada and right here in Southern Ontario, I’ve had some important decisions to make as your Massage Therapist, a Mother, and fellow


One of the best ways of fighting the spread of COVID-19 is to practice what they are calling “Social Distancing”, which simply means staying away from groups of people and maintaining a safe distance from others. They are recommending for everyone to continue to use safe hygiene practices including frequent hand washing, not touching the face, and disinfecting surfaces.

When we work together during a Massage Therapy Session we are in very close proximity to each other, and Physical Touch is involved. That is not Social Distancing, for either of us.

I have Clients of all ages with a wide range of Health Situations coming through the door. Various Jobs, Travel/Commuting Needs, Contact with Vulnerable Populations, etc, while keeping in mind that some of us who don’t show symptoms may be carriers. Now that I work from my Home Clinic My Family lives here as well, including kids now off school.

I got into Health Care over a decade ago because I care about people. To do my part in trying to stop the spread and flatten the curve, I have decided to Take a Break Effective Immediately and I Tentatively Plan to Reopen Saturday April 4, 2020.

This is not a decision or situation I take lightly and I’m very sad to miss our appointments over the next 3 weeks, but I look forward to seeing you all when I reopen. I will still be available for consultations by phone, email, text, FaceTime, etc, during the break.

Thank you all for your understanding, and thank you for all the ways you’re helping to protect yourselves and others in our lives and communities.

Wishing you all Health and Happiness as always,

Jennifer Dawe, RMT

Body Maintenance Massage


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